The last collection by Jeanne Mackin

 Name of Book: Author: ISBN: Publisher: Part of a Series: Type of book: 1938-1940s, Great Depression, ww2, 1954, fashion, Coco Chanel, Elsa Schiaparelli, primary colors, life, Paris France, America, balls, wealth, siblings, lovers, mistresses, patience, colors  Year it was published: Summary: Characters: Main characters include Lily Sutter, a young and widowed American woman who has arrived to Paris to be with her brother. Lily desires to be an artist and is a fan of Elsa Schiaparelli. Elsa Schiaparelli Is an Italian woman who calls Paris a home. She is a dressmaker as well as a socialist and at the time had admiration for Russia. Her designs are best described as excessive and very bold. Coco Chanel is a complex French designer whose designs were simple and elegant. There was is also Ania, a woman of Jewish origins who is married and is having an affair with Lilys brother, Charlie. Ania is married to a man with wealth and too veers between Coco and Elsa. At the same time she is having

Madeleine by Wanda Maureen Miller

 Name of Book: Author: ISBN: Publisher: Part of a Series: Type of book: Year it was published: Summary: Characters: Main character of the story is Madeleine, a beautiful young woman who gets mistaken for an aristocrat and is trying her best to keep that history hidden. Madeleine strongly believes in hard work, land and never giving up on her dreams, which allows her to survive multiple conflicts. She also is a very devout Catholic woman and enjoys helping the nuns. Other characters include the man that would become her husband. Her husband is a profligate who is complete opposite of Madeleine and who often has  gambling and sexual addictions. There are also the husband's slaves, namely Lying Boy, a man of Indigenous ancestry who tends to be like a child, as well as Laughing Girl and Rima and Moses.     Theme: Grit is what makes survival possible  Plot: The story is in third person narrative, from what seems to be everyone's point of view. The tale takes place from 1728 up until

Dawn Empress by Faith L Justice

 Name of Book: Author: ISBN: Publisher: Part of a Series: Type of book: Year it was published: Summary: Characters: The main character is Pulcheria, oldest daughter of Arcadius, the previous emperor. Pulcheria is best described as scheming, brilliant, determined, very close minded and manipulative. She is determined to do whatever she can to help her brother stay on the throne, and the influence she wields amongst her siblings as well as officials, church and so forth isn't a joke. She has a strict view point and apparently one can say she and the church are the root for two thousand year hatred for Jews. ( I am sorry, but I can't forgive her for that...) There is also Theo the current emperor of the East  who heavily relies on Pulcheria for everything, although Pulcheria often worries he will fail and lose people's love. There is also Athenais, Theos wife who might have converted to Christianity, but who thinks very differently from her in-laws.  Theme: There are sacrifice

Coming attractions for April 2021

The more I live, the more I realize that people cherry pick on whom to help and stand up for. Prime example? Last year when people had "racial awakening". This year, when Asian community is going through hardship, same people who "racial awakening" for one group of people fell asleep or they don't care, which frustrates me a lot. Heres what I will say: I matter. My son matters.  Book tours/ spotlights  The last collection by Jeanne Mackin The Kennedy Moment by Peter Adamson  The Foreign Girls by Sergio Olguin Pieces of Eight by Steve Goble Madeleine by Wanda Maureen Miller    Possible reads: Washington's spies by Alexander Rose  Rough passage to London by Robin Lloyd  The lost girls of Paris by Pam Jenoff  The secret lives of dentists by W.A. Winter  Island on fire by Sophie Schiller An invincible summer by Mariah Stewart  The measure of time by Gianrico Carofiglio  Blood and treasure by Bob Drury and Tom Clavin  All the children are home by Patry Francis   

April 2021

 Vera- Carol Edgarian SR: March 22nd, 2021 FR: April 16th, 2021 Dawn empress- Faith L Justice SR: April 1st, 2021 FR: April 10th, 2021 Madeleine last French casquette bride- Wanda Maureen Miller SR: March 3rd, 2021 FR:  April 1st, 2021 The land beyond the sea- Sharon Kay Penman  SR: March 18th, 2021 FR: Island on fire- Sophie Schiller SR: April 10th, 2021 FR:   The secret lives of dentists- W.A. Winters  SR: April 16th, 2021 FR:  Nonfiction 

On Fragile waves by E. Lily Yu

 Name of Book: Author: ISBN: Publisher: Type of book: modern times, iimmigration Australia, camp, survival, money, friendship, Afghanistan, loyalty, family, duty, upbringing, magical realism, death  Year it was published: Summary: Characters: Main character is Firuzeh, the eldest daughter. She often refers to her mother and father as abay and atay ( unfortunately there is no glossary for Afghan words...) And is best described as someone caught between multiple worlds of her gender and upbringing. She also has a younger brother Nour and a ghost friend who stayed with her for years and years. There are also mother and father who do the best they can with the given situation and for whom reputation and hospitality is far  more important than mere survival. Nour has far more freedom than Firuzeh, despite him being younger, and also requires a lot of money for his activities.       Theme: We are all humans who dream and wish  Plot: The story is in third person narrative, primarily from Firu

Bedloe a true fable by Tony Powers

 Name of Book: Author: ISBN: Publisher: Type of book: USA, survival, New York, future, presidents, totalitarianism, liberal, conservative, climate change, language, propaganda, daily life  Year it was published: Summary: Characters: Main characters include the father, the son and the girlfriend. The father often recalls the life he had before 2016, and of how he took everything for granted, from food to information to knowledge. And a lot is focused on how things were a lot better and of how he should have been more prescient. The son does his best to support his father, but at the same time he feels as if his father is paranoid and he is often lonely. The girlfriend has her own secrets to hide, even at the cost of everyone's lives.   Theme: To be honest I am not sure of the message for this particular tale.  Plot: The story is in third person narrative from the son's, fathers and the girlfriends points of view. Pretty much all the story is both survival and memories of happier